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Does OneDoc support Office 2003 and 2007?

Yes, OneDoc 2.0 is designed to work with the current and previous releases of Microsoft Office, and is directly integrated inside Word. In this release of OneDoc we also need Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to be the host repository for OneDoc documents.

In the future we plan to support other Applications that are part of the Microsoft Office platform and documents in other host repositories and in the file system too!

Does OneDoc support other document types or document management systems?

OneDoc 2.0, our first commercial release, is designed for Microsoft Word and SharePoint - mostly because it's the most commonly used document authoring tool combined with the fastest growing document repository in the market. That said, we are very aware that there are plenty of other document authoring tools, document types and document repositories to support. We are actively ensuring that we isolate authoring tool and repository specific functions in our code and wrap them in an API so that we and our partners can easily, quickly and robustly deliver support for Office suites and authoring applications like Lotus Symphony, Adobe Labs, and Sun OpenOffice, as well as established high end document platforms such as Documentum and Opentext.

Not only will we deliver that, but we will deliver parts interoperability too so that you could for example place a live part in an Adobe application that was authored in Word, and see the benefits of part updates across platforms -so that when the part changes in Word, the Adobe application would be notified of the update.

Does OneDoc require specific training or configuration?

Very little - the solution includes services for Word that add a task pane and ribbon and a local store for parts, which need to be installed to the desktop which can be achieved using enterprise standard desktop deployment tools, or by our simple web installer.

Once installed there is little or no configuration to do, and it should be easy to use OneDoc right away if you know how to use Word and any Instant Messenger tool already. Theres a short introductory web based tutorial for those that need to catch up. The whole focus of OneDoc is that the user experience should be brilliantly simple and should appear to be part of Office itself.

There is a server side installation, of course, which needs to be completed. It uses SQL Server and standard Microsoft based technologies designed to integrate with an existing SharePoint deployment beautifully.

How is OneDoc licensed?

We license per 'real' user from Active Directory or your equivalent. You control how many users you have who are Word based and can use OneDoc, and your licence key allows that number of named users to be live. Our terms are per user per month with agreements normally being annual plus one month. Full pricing is in the section 'Pricing'.

Who owns OneDoc?

OneDoc Limited is a UK based software startup, owned by the founders, some angel investors and the management team. The technology is patent pending in the United States, with various trademarks owned in the UK and applied for elsewhere.

Can I use OneDoc as a Software as a Service?

Yes and probably. We at OneDoc have decided to only offer our technology either directly to you our customer or to third parties who either resell the solution or make it available as part of their hosted services, such as SaaS servce providers, or managed hosting service providers. Most people we have spoken with have told us that their documents are pretty important to them and their company, so they either want to use the OneDoc platform inside their firewall or they will access OneDoc via the existing preferred service provider who also provides them with their hosted services such as Office, Notes, Exchange and SharePoint. If your preferred route to utilise technology is via hosted solutions and your provider does not resell OneDoc then please let us know and I'm sure we can help!