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OneDoc™ is for anyone in enterprise environments who works on the delivery of documents that require the involvement of multiple contributors, and who use a standard desktop tool like Microsoft Word® as their document editing application. OneDoc is a revolutionary and disruptive technology that radically improves the effectiveness of teams working on shared documents whilst delivering automatic and irrefutable document change history that can significantly improve document compliance, retention and legal discovery.

OneDoc is the only solution that allows multiple users to edit the same version of the same Microsoft Word document at the same time. This release of OneDoc supports Microsoft Word and SharePoint, and we have well defined plans to extend out from this broad base to other common end user document authoring tools as well as common document stores and databases.

We provide complete accountability for document creation, which can be instrumental in compliance matters.

OneDoc does this by uniquely allowing mainstream office documents to be treated as if they are made up of one or a number of parts. A part is what we call a fragment of a document that can be defined by the user or automatically created – typically parts are chapters or paragraphs, but they can be any size and contain any element of a document. Users can then, from within their favourite and familiar authoring tool (such as Microsoft Word), work on different parts at the same time as colleagues work on other parts in the same document.

Content contribution and user history for each individual part of the document is automatically and permanently recorded in a central secure store and viewable inside Word.

OneDoc is simple for users and enterprises to deploy and use, utilizing existing Microsoft Word and SharePoint® and infrastructure. OneDoc delivers significant benefits. No more waiting for documents to be available, no more merging of different document versions, and no more document version history and compliance headaches.

How it works

All functionality is accessed from inside Word and SharePoint.

Any Word document in SharePoint can be OneDoc enabled for multi user editing, allowing the same file to be worked upon by many users at the same time.

The single version of the document is made into user defined parts at a granularity that fits your specific collaboration needs.

User permissions can be inherited from SharePoint, or if appropriate quickly and simply managed at an individual part level.

Users can easily view the structure of document parts along with part availability and user access rights.

Users can simultaneously check-out, publish and check-in the individual parts of the same document.OneDoc automatically takes care of user conflict and availability thereby assuring document integrity.

OneDoc allows shared document editing to continue even when a user needs to work offline.

Prior versions of each document-part can be instantly and easily viewed in-situ inside the document from within Word. Any differences between document-part versions are automatically highlighted.

OneDoc integrates seamlessly with your existing enterprise authentication, directory and security infrastructure
Users can view alerts informing them of changes and activity from other document contributors as they occur.

All editing history and user activity is retained in a secure repository.  Repository content and activity data can be securely reported against to meet user and management needs.


  • Dramatically increased ability to meet document deadlines and significant reduction in document production timeframes.
  • Major reduction of document production cost through removal of complexity associated with proliferation of document versions and formats. 
  • Better documents are created because users have continuous and shared visibility of document progress and content throughout the document lifecycle.
  • All stakeholders have complete and continuous visibility into document progress and user activity.
  • Very low cost of ownership; no user training required and minimal deployment overhead.
  • Automatic, secure and centralised audit trail of all content history, changes and user activity, supporting management information and compliance needs.
  • Works with Office 2003, Office 2007 and will work with Office 14 because OneDoc is designed to fully support doc, docx and odf file format files and OneDoc parts are designed for compatibility and interoperability with all mainstream document editors.

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